Monday, September 26, 2016

One last trip to the zoo

My parents are in South Bend cat-sitting for Puddles while Meredith and Jeremy are on their honeymoon, so they took a day trip to Fort Wayne and we visited the zoo.  Of we had to feed the giraffes.

It was a cool and cloudy morning, but once the sun came out it turned into a really nice day.

Finally a picture of Jameson not in the stroller!

Soccer tonight.  Evelyn had a rough start; she didn't want to do what the coach said.  But she pulled it together and finished strong.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Curiosity Day

Today was Curiosity Day at IPFW and Evelyn is a big Curious George fan.  She was excited to meet George, but once it was her turn, she didn't want to get too close.  I'm just glad she went up there by herself.

There was a few other fun activities too, like face painting.  I was a little surprised Evelyn sat so well. I thought maybe the brush would tickle and she wouldn't like that.

A butterfly!

Jameson was of course with us and I didn't want to leave him out so here is J.J. by the firetruck.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

8 months

Jameson is 8 months old!  He has mastered pushing himself into a seated position from his tummy and just in the past couple days has started pulling up.  I've found him standing in his crib more than a few times.  He still army crawls and fast.  My guess is he will skip crawling on his hands and knees and go to straight to cruising.

Jameson still loves to eat just about whatever you feed him.  He has been waking up about once a night which is a little frustrating because he can sleep through the night.  He also tends to wake up for the day anywhere between 5-6 am; I'd prefer if he slept till 6 or a little later.  But the flip side is he is ready for a morning nap around 8:30-9 and I tend to get a lot done around the house during that nap (if he isn't napping in the jogger on a run).  I finally managed to get Evelyn and Jameson's afternoon naps to coincide which is really nice because I just started a Bible study at church and it gives me a good time to do my study homework. 

I say it every time, but Evelyn is still Jameson's favorite.  No one can make him laugh like she can.

After morning nap today, we went outside to practice Evelyn's soccer skills.  One foot on the ball is something she struggled with last time, but she controls the ball so much better now.

We met Nate at the zoo after work today too.  The zoo closes on October 2nd, so we are trying to get in a few more visits.  It was Evelyn's idea to take this picture.

I also had a free coupon to ride the train, good for just this week.  Evelyn was so excited to ride the train; we've never done it before.

Jameson thought the train was pretty cool too.  After the zoo, we headed over to the house/dentist practice of Nate's friend from the bike team for a patient appreciation festival.  He isn't our personal dentist, but he invited us anyway.  There was bouncy houses, balloons, BBQ for dinner and cotton candy.  Evelyn and Jameson were totally exhausted by the time we came home.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Apple picking and more

We went apple picking with Meredith and Jeremy at Cooks Orchard for the second year.

Evelyn picked Jameson an apple just his size.  And she has been asking for an apple pie ever since we left the orchard.

Earlier in the week, Penny went to the vet.  Nothing was wrong, we just thought it was time for her to get a check up and she got a clean bill of health.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

At the zoo with friends

This morning we met Maryca and Bella at the zoo.  It's hard to believe that almost a year ago we went to the zoo together for the first time.  Of course today the girls had to ride the carousel.

It's neat to go to the zoo at different times and see when different animals are more or less active. Today the mongooses and sea lions were fun to watch.

Jameson thought Bella and Evelyn inside the shark's mouth was the funniest thing.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Meredith and Jeremy's wedding

Meredith and Jeremy got married on Saturday!!!  Everything was beautiful and amazing.  I didn't take a lot of pictures; there simply wasn't many opportunities between being the matron of honor and chasing after Evelyn and Jameson.  But here are my favorites.

Evelyn at the rehearsal, practicing her role as flower girl.

Here we are hiding in the stairwell due to a tornado warning, the night before the wedding, but that's good luck right?  That's my uncle (not my dad) next to me.  He officiated the wedding.

The boys at the salon, watching all the girls get their hair done.

My wedding hairdo.  The curl didn't hold all that great, but I loved it.

Picture time!  Guess where Jameson is...

Meredith with Sarah, her friend from OT school, and Katherine.

Katie and Barb, Meredith's friends from Purdue.

The groomsmen.

The beautiful bride and groom.

First dance.

Daddy daughter dance

Dancing with Grandpa

Mimi and Grandpa at the reception.

Nate and Evelyn at the kid's table.

Evelyn dancing.  We literally had to carry her off the dance floor when it was time for us to leave.

It was a beautiful wedding and everything went off without a hitch.  It was a little challenging with Evelyn and Jameson, but they really did an awesome job all weekend.  Evelyn was the cutest flower girl ever and walked down the aisle like a pro.  I was so honored to be the matron of honor and thankful to witness my sister marry the love of her life.

Finally, an adorable picture of Jameson and Grandpa at our hotel this morning.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

More soccer

We signed Evelyn up for another round of soccer.  It's in the evening, outside and there is a small amount of parent involvement this time.

Nate and I both thought we could tell that Evelyn has "played" soccer before.  She listened very well to her coach and did a good job using her feet.