Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Birthday

It was Nate's birthday yesterday!  Meredith woke up early and made us all cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  

Evelyn also turned 13 months yesterday.  She is 100% recovered from the chicken pox, thank goodness.  Sleeping is going pretty well, but we still have hiccups from time to time (like this morning when she woke up at 1 am and did not want to go back to sleep).  Eating is about the same with her having a small range of acceptable foods - cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, applesauce, graham crackers, and teething wafers.  She also seems to like peanut butter.  She isn't sure how she feels about her sippy cup.  

Meredith helped me throw a small birthday dinner party for Nate.  We had a nachos which is Nate's favorite food and invited over Ashley, Harper, and Brandon.  

Can't have Mexican without Coronas and limes.  

For dessert, we made these faux empanadas which were super simple and pretty yummy.  Just Pillsbury pie crust cut into circles with a Reese's peanut butter cup in the middle.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Jeremy came to visit Meredith this weekend.  Evelyn wasn't very sure about him.

She liked Jeremy enough however to hide magnets in his shoes, which is Evelyn's new favorite game.

We went to the Homeplace for dinner Friday night.

And then to Soaring Ridge Brewery in Roanoke Saturday night.

Jeremy and Nate - twins in their flannel and baseball caps.

Evelyn loves going to the breweries because there are lots of people to watch and fun music to listen to.  She was very happy all evening. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chicken Pox

Evelyn has the chicken pox.  But our story really begins last week...

Wednesday Feb. 18:  This is the only day I make it to work due to the snow and below zero temperatures.  Evelyn comes home from daycare with a letter notifying us that there is a confirmed case of chicken pox in the baby room.

Thursday Feb. 19:  My glasses break and I have pair one of contacts left.  Evelyn has an appointment to get her 12 month vaccines, including the chicken pox vaccine (go figure).  Nate works a miracle that night and glues my glasses back together and unless you know or look very carefully, you can't tell.

Friday Feb. 20:  Our pipes freeze despite running the faucets overnight.  I am home with Evelyn and everyone else gets to go to work where there is running water.  I am surprisingly very upset by this. Thankfully our landlord gets the water fixed around lunchtime, but by late afternoon Evelyn starts to run a fever.

Saturday Feb. 21:  Evelyn does not sleep well and is feverish all night.  In the morning we notice the first chicken pox spots.  It is snowing outside and shows no sign of stopping all day.  Evelyn continues to have a fever and it isn't really responding to the tylenol, which Nate and I realize we are quickly running out of.  We call Pat for advice and then the doctor's office.  Despite the snow and terrible road conditions, Nate's supervisor brings us some children's motrin in case we need it.  It feels like we are living the movie Balto.

Sunday Feb. 22:  Warmer temperatures mean the snow starts to melt so Meredith and I can buy groceries and get more infant tylenol.  Evelyn seems to feel much better and isn't feverish all day. Nate decides to stay home Monday so I can go to work.

Monday Feb. 23:  We take Evelyn to the doctor's office first thing in morning, but not before Nate discovers a possum in the chicken coop. Thinking there's time to save the chickens and kill the intruder, Nate goes back to the house for his shotgun.  There really isn't time and I check Evelyn in for her 8:20 appointment at 8:18.  Chicken pox diagnosis is confirmed.  Once back home Nate first falls down our porch stairs because they are very icy, but then does manage to kill the possum and the chickens are all fine.  I go to work and Evelyn stays home with Nate and only has an okay day.  But really, who has a good day when they have the chicken pox?

That about sums it up.  Today so far has been a good day for Evelyn, so I am optimistic that she is starting to feel better.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day

We finally got a good snow!  And since it is going to be very cold for the next few days, today was the day to play in the snow.

All excited to try out her snow suit.

Since Evelyn isn't walking she doesn't have a need for snow boots but they would have been good for today.  The slippers kept her feet warm for the short time we were outside.

Not super happy about making a snow angel.

The snow doesn't seem to bother the goats.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Birthday Party

Evelyn's Valentine's themed birthday party was today.  We had a great turn out despite the cold windy weather.  Party started at 10am since Evelyn tends to be happier in the morning so we served brunch and had a waffle bar.  Topping included strawberries, whipped cream, butter, maple syrup, and Nutella.  Funny story about the waffles - we ran out of baking powder and Meredith had to run to Kroger at 9:30 so the waffles were definitely hot and fresh.

 Meredith made these cute heart shaped blueberry oatmeal muffins.

Dressed up water bottles - just fancy duct tape.  I stole this idea from my friend Ashley who did the same thing for the baby shower she threw for Nate and I.

Evelyn's monthly pictures on display.

Valentine's candy!

Cupcakes - and these are the real unhealthy deal.

Evelyn definitely seemed to likes these better than her first birthday cake.

 Lots and lots of presents - Evelyn was blessed to have such thoughtful people attend her party.

Tissue is a pretty fun toy too.

In fact you don't even need to take the toy out of the box for her to play with it.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


A video of Evelyn walking on her knees.  It is also a good example of how she helps with laundry. She brings me one or two pieces of clothes at a time and I fold them.  It works really well until she tries to hand me clothes I have already folded. 


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

12 month check up

Evelyn had her 12 month check up this morning.  She has been grumpy since Friday with a a bad cold so it was nice to be able to see the doctor without making a sick appointment.  After looking her over, the doctor thought she had more than just a cold but possibly bronchiolitis, an ear infection, and a sinus infection.  Yikes, no wonder she has been so unhappy.

Evelyn weighed 18 lbs and 9 oz (29th percentile) and was 29 inches long (40th percentile).  It kind of seems like her growth has slowed down, but the doctor didn't mention anything about it so I figure it's nothing to worry about.

I had a staff meeting today at 12:30 so after Evelyn's appointment we went to Target and got lunch at Panera to kill some time before we had to drive to the hospital.

The doctor asked if Evelyn was walking yet.  No not on her own, I said, but she does walk on her knees.  He didn't seem real impressed, but I think it is cute.  I have a video but it is too big to post; I will try to take a shorter one.