Friday, October 21, 2016

Nate Biking

I'm hijacking Liz's blog. Here are the two good pictures of me from last season.

Liz's joke is that she always thinks that I'm someone else (who's also called Nathan). In her defense, we all have the same uniform, bike, helmet, and are moving pretty quick. We do look similar.

For example, here is a picture of someone who isn't me

Thursday, October 20, 2016

9 months old

Jameson is 9 months old.  He has started crawling on his hands and knees, but is faster when he army crawls, so he switches back and forth a lot.  He pulls up on anything he can, but hasn't started cruising yet.  He is sleeping pretty well.  About once a week, we have a night where he is up a lot, but generally he goes to bed around 7:30-8:00, wakes up between 4-5 to nurse, then sleeps until 6:30 when it's time to go downstairs for breakfast.  He continues to be a good napper too.

No teeth yet, but I think they are coming; he chews on his finger all the time.  Jameson still eats just about everything.  Just like his sister he loves bananas, pears, applesauce, and yogurt but unlike Evelyn, he eats most vegetables.  Oatmeal isn't his favorite.  Jameson just started to wave hi/bye by opening and closing his fist.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Tea Party

Evelyn and I went to a ladies tea party at church on Saturday.  It was fun to do something just us girls.  Evelyn was a little on the little side, but she behaved very well and I think enjoyed herself.

Every table had different types of tea to try and they also brought around chai.  A big table was set up with finger sandwiches, cheese and cracker and lots and lots of cookies.

There were also photo props and someone to take your picture.

On Sunday we went to the mall to do some shopping and let Evelyn and Jameson play at the play place.  The mall had some fun Halloween decorations.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Pumpkin patch

Evelyn, Jameson and I went to a pumpkin patch after Bible study today. There were lots of pumpkins and lots of inflatables.

Evelyn didn't really like the inflatables that moved; she thought they were scary.

Evelyn was pretty good at pulling our pumpkin cart until we picked out our big pumpkins.

Jameson's little pumpkin.

The pumpkin patch also had a kids activity area and Evelyn really wanted to go.  It cost $3 dollars each for me and her which I thought was a little much considering what there was.  But at the same time, it gave us something extra to do.  Jameson liked the corn pit.

Evelyn enjoyed the slide.

I was feeling adventurous so we went inside the corn maze.  That's where many of the moving inflatables were so Evelyn didn't really like it.

But she did like the Boo express.  And we didn't get lost in the maze.

My little pumpkins.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Time trial

On our way home from Virginia Tuesday, we stopped in Dayton, OH for Nate's final time trial of the season. While Nate's last race, it was the first race that Evelyn, Jameson, and I got to watch.

The race was held at the Wright Paterson Air Force Base, so we got to see a couple big planes take off while we were there. 

Evelyn and Jameson both behaved very well during the race.  I wore Jameson in the carrier and he fell asleep.  Evelyn loved watching the racers go off the start line.  Nate had finished and was back at the car, but Evelyn wouldn't leave till she saw every last cyclist start.

Nate had a great finish to his first time trial season.  He finished 7th out of 100 racers and had a personal best for this course.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Virginia vacation

Nate had Columbus Day off from work, so we decided it would be a good weekend to visit friends back in Virginia.  We left early Friday and stopped for a picnic lunch right on the Ohio River in Point Pleasant, WV.

Once in Salem, we had dinner with Nate's old co-workers from the VA and Saturday morning met for breakfast with friends from church.  Then we visited the farmhouse.

Sunday Nate went on a bike ride and then we took Evelyn and Jameson up Mill Mountain to see the star.

Nate and Evelyn enjoying the beautiful view.

I could barely get Evelyn and the star all in one picture.

We stayed the whole trip with our friend Ashley and her daughter Harper, but on Sunday her neighborhood lost power so we all went out for dinner.

Monday morning, Ashley and Brandon took us to possibly the best biscuit restaurant ever for breakfast and then we came home and played Rock Band.

After lunch, Nate and I took Evelyn and Jameson to a park before driving out to Christiansburg to visit my old patients.  Jameson loved his first experience in the swing.

Evelyn and Harper were fast friends.  Their first night together they stayed up talking in Harper's room to almost 11pm.  It was both girls' first sleepover.

Harper often ended up in bed with Evelyn on the inflatable mattress.

Harper loves DC comics, so when she heard about Evelyn's Wonder Woman pajamas she wanted to get Evelyn her very own Wonder Woman doll. 

Evelyn and Harper playing on the backyard playset.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mimi and Grandpa

Mimi and Grandpa came over on Tuesday and brought us some furniture for our guest bedroom. While they were here we snapped green beans, went to the park, watched Frozen, and got donuts from Rise'n'Roll.  Jameson also came down with his first cold, but overall, a pretty good couple of days.

Evelyn is a little big for the double swing but that didn't stop Mimi.

Showing Mimi and Grandpa how the playground equipment works.

Donuts, Evelyn's favorite.  We randomly ran into Bella and Maryca at Rise'n'Roll.  The girls got too rowdy in the bakery so we moved to Chik-fil-a where there is a play place.  The last time we were at Chik-fil-a was before Jameson was born and Evelyn wasn't quite big enough to climb the tube to get to the slide.  Well today she could climb up but she was too afraid to go down the slide.  I struggled with how long do I let my child be stuck in the hopes she finds the courage to go down the slide by herself versus just go get her and put an end to her (and everyone else around us) misery.  I eventually had to climb up the tube and get her down.