Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We went to the zoo today.  We also decided to go ahead and buy a family pass, so hopefully there will be lots more trips for us in the future.

Evelyn did great.  We stayed for 2 hours and she walked the whole time, never once asked to be held or go in the stroller.  Which was good because Jameson was in the stroller.

 She asked to go see the giraffes first and then we saw the fish and the sting rays.  We finished up with the Australian Outback exhibit.  Evelyn however was terrified of the peacocks; maybe because she didn't expect/remember that they get to roam the zoo freely?

Jameson did really well too.  He was happy to stay in the stroller which was also good because I left the carrier in the car.

Everyone was pretty tired after 2 hours and ready to go home.  But that's ok because we can go back now whenever we want and see the animals we skipped.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Whale mobile

Can a whale fit inside a library?  Today we learned yes it can.

It was a neat event.  I just thought somehow there would be this whale that kids could walk through, but there was a lot more to it.  The woman in charge of the "whale mobile" is a Fort Wayne native who now lives in Massachusetts researching whales.  The kids learned about different types of whales, listened to different whale noises, and learned how the researchers identify the whales by the markings on their tales.  Most of it did go over Evelyn's head.  Then they inflated the life-size humpback whale.  And the kids got to go inside!  Most surprisingly, Evelyn went in all by herself.  I was sure she would be too scared.

Monday, June 20, 2016

5 months old

Jameson is 5 months old!   He is still a very good baby.  Despite being more distractable, he still nurses well.  He sleeps at night well too although tonight he didn't want to go to bed and is playing on his mat.  Usually, Jameson reads a few books together with Evelyn before going to bed and almost always sleep through the night.

Jameson definitely reaches for and plays with toys now.  He isn't as content to be in the bouncer or on the floor without something to play with.

He can sit supported for short (very short) periods of time.  He is pretty good at rolling over from tummy to back but hasn't quite mastered rolling from back to tummy.

It's hard to describe how much I think Jameson loves Evelyn.  His eyes just light up whenever she looks at him or plays with him.  Evelyn it seems misses having her month-by-month pictures taken; it's hard for her understand that I want to get a few of just Jameson first.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day weekend

This weekend we made a short trip to Wisconsin to visit my grandma so she could meet Jameson.  We spent Friday night in a hotel and Evelyn was so excited to go swimming.  Saturday morning we went to Lake Michigan.

Evelyn really wanted to play in the sand, but we couldn't stay long because the beach is only for residents of Lake Forest.  The lake was so beautiful though, it was nice to just walk along the shore.

Grandma was very happy to meet Jameson and he was super happy to cuddle with her.

After lunch we played outside and Clarence showed us his remote controlled car.

Jameson thought the car was pretty neat too.

The car ride home was a little rough.  No one wanted to sleep and Evelyn and Jameson seemed bored of the car; I don't blame them.  After dinner we had to make an extra stop because as Jameson becomes more aware of his surroundings, he gets more distracted when he nurses and doesn't eat as well as he should.  But overall, it was a good trip.

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


I haven't posted lately because my phone is pretty much out of storage, making it very hard to take pictures.  But I freed up some space today and managed to snap a few pics.  We took the elephant for a ride in the scooter after naptime.  We got a lot of smiles walking down the sidewalk.

Jameson hanging out with Nate after work.

It really cooled off outside this afternoon so after dinner we went for another walk.  Evelyn rode her bike while Jameson watched from the stroller.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

We had a fun filled Memorial Day weekend in Michigan.  Saturday we spent up at the cottage.  Evelyn loved playing in the sand.

Jameson enjoyed relaxing on the deck with Nate 

and with Grandpa Paul.

Jameson also got to go on his pontoon ride.

Evelyn had fun fishing with Nate.  There didn't use a hook, just a big bobber that Evelyn liked to cast out and reel back in over and over again.

On Sunday to we drove to Hudsonville to watch the Indy 500 and then made our way to Holland to stay the night with Ben, Amanda, Isaac, and Joshua. 

Evelyn playing with the water table.  I thought the weather was going to be rainy all weekend, so I only packed one pair of shorts for her and no swim suit, but she didn't seem to care.

Monday we went to the beach for more adventures in the sand and water.  It will be fun when Jameson is bigger and can be right down there playing too.

Friday, May 27, 2016


We have spent a lot of time at the park lately.  Tuesday Evelyn even chose the park over story time.  She recently discovered the see saw, but the swings are still her favorite.

While at the park on Wednesday, we saw them turn on the water for the splash pad.  Technically the water isn't turned on till Memorial Day.  So Thursday Evelyn and Jameson wore their swim suits just in case.

And the water was still on!  Evelyn was super excited.

Jameson was a little more suspicious.  I don't blame him, the water is cold.

Evelyn played in the water a long time before she decided she was done.  We changed clothes and stayed a little longer before heading home.

Usually I will wear Jameson at the park so he sleeps, but he is also pretty happy to hang out in the stroller.