Sunday, May 1, 2016


Evelyn got her balance bike yesterday!  She was so excited.  She is still a little short for it; her feet just barely reach the ground when she sits on the seat.  If she straddles the bike, she can walk it pretty well.  We weren't going to buy one quite yet, but then Nate's friend and owner of the bike shop told us that he only had two balance bikes left and he wasn't going to be able to order any more before Christmas.  So we decided not to wait and said Evelyn will grow.

Nate couldn't resist getting a picture of Evelyn in his team jersey.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


This morning we went to Touch-a-Truck at the community college.  It was pretty neat.  It was also very crowded and loud.  Kids could climb inside all kinds of different trucks and yes, honk the horns.  I was amazed that Jameson managed to fall asleep in the stroller.  Evelyn had fun but I also think she was a little overwhelmed by all the activity so we didn't stay to see every truck.

So for those of you who don't know, Evelyn loves school buses.  There is a bus stop on our corner and almost every morning she watches the kids get on the bus.  She will even tell you when she grows up she wants to be a school bus driver.

Evelyn's dream come true!  She gets to ride the bus!

While not technically a truck, who doesn't want to try out an ATV?

Trying on some hard hats.

I did not realize that Fort Wayne was so well prepared, but we saw the bomb diffusing truck and robot.

Fort Wayne also has a hostage rescue tank.  Hopefully the city never have to use it.

Nate had a very early time trial in Kokomo this morning.  He took 4th riding a 40k in 56:32.  But he was back in town in time to meet us for lunch at Panera.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

3 months old

Jameson is 3 months old.  He continues to be a generally happy, smiley baby.  He is as big as Evelyn was little at this age.  He mostly wears 6 month clothes.  Jameson seems to like music, bubbles, and going for walks.

I recently started putting Jameson to sleep in the pack-n-play around 7:30pm.  I was holding him while he slept and then waking him up to feed when I was ready to go to bed.  While snuggles are nice, it made it hard to get stuff done in the evening.  So far, the new schedule has worked well.  He will wake up once in the middle of the night to nurse and then wakes up around 6:00am or so.  Which is fine because that's about when we all wake up anyway.

Evelyn likes to bring Jameson toys and especially the pacifier even when he isn't fussy.  Our favorite question is to ask Evelyn if Jameson can eat or do something and her response is always, "No, he's too little."

Nate had his second time trial today.  This one was in Fort Wayne.  He took third with a time of 22.40 for 10 miles.  He says he was slower than last time, but it was more windy today : )

Friday, April 15, 2016

The week

This week has had some ups and downs.  Nothing major.  I'm trying to decide if I want to go back to work and it is a much harder decision than I realized.

Monday we did nothing.  I don't remember if we left the house.  Not leaving the house makes for a long day.

Tuesday was much better.  Maryca and Bella came over in the morning and Aunt Sue and Uncle Lee visited on their way home from Florida in the afternoon.  Nate did really good at his first time trial in Dayton.  He took 4th out of 116 cyclists.

Wednesday we played outside - hooray for spring!  I got to run after Evelyn went to bed and it was the first run where I felt normal, not like I was going to die.  But I'm still very slow, so there's plenty of room for improvement.

Thursday we went to story time which is always fun because Evelyn enjoys it so much.

Today was Evelyn's first soccer lesson.  It is held at a daycare but is open to the public.  Evelyn was the only non-daycare child in her class so I was the only parent watching.  I don't think Evelyn was overly distracted by my presence, but I think for future sessions, Jameson and I will wait outside gym and watch from the windows.

Friday, April 8, 2016

South Bend

We made a trip to South Bend today to visit Meredith and Jeremy and go swimming at the indoor pool.  First we went to the Cafe at the Overlook for coffee.  Evelyn got her favorite special treat - chocolate milk.

Then we went back to the apartment to get ready for the pool!

The splash pad was pretty crowded so Evelyn went swimming with Jeremy for a while.

She eventually warmed up to the splash pad but did not want to go down the kiddie slide.

Before we left, Jeremy took Evelyn for a few trips around the lazy river.

Jameson, as usual, was pretty chill about his first pool experience.

Everyone enjoyed the water table.

Got a few more inches before Evelyn is tall enough for the big slide : )

Jameson and Puddles.

I weighed Jameson today at Meredith's apartment.  He is 14 lbs 9 oz!  Evelyn was 14 lbs 4 oz at 6 months.  He is one big little boy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Aunt Meredith

Meredith came over for the day.  We did some shopping in the morning and then went to the park in the afternoon.

Aunt Meredith also had fun with snapchat while I wasn't looking.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

We spent Easter weekend in Decatur with Mimi and Grandpa.  Everyone had a good time.  Evelyn was well behaved and Jameson was happy and slept well.  On Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt and fed the ducks at the park.  Sunday we went to church.  The service was lovely and we got to hear Mimi sing in the choir.  We took lots of pictures before we left for home.  Here are some of my favorites.

Mimi and Grandpa with the great-grandchildren

Grandpa Jim and Jameson

Evelyn and Jameson - Mimi and Grandpa made the bunny and Easter egg lawn decorations.

Just the boys

Just the girls