Monday, June 29, 2015

Fort Wayne

It's official, we are moving to Fort Wayne in August.  So this weekend we took another trip to Indiana to look for a place to live.  We looked at two houses in the morning before taking a park break.

Then we met up with Pat and Paul who were able to drive down from Michigan and help us look at houses.  The third house we saw ended up being the one we liked the best and will be our new home in August.  It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch with a big kitchen and attached 2 car garage.

Saturday morning during breakfast our hotel, along with a significant portion of Fort Wayne, lost power.  So we needed to find something to do which wasn't easy because the weather was rainy, windy, and cold.

We spent sometime at Panera where Grandpa shared part of his chocolate croissant with Evelyn.  We also tried some shopping but Evelyn really was not in the mood so after leaving two stores with her screaming, we decided to go get lunch and hope for the best (lunch actually went quite smoothly thank goodness).

Back at our hotel in the afternoon, we still did not have power.  Evelyn didn't seem to mind too much but Nate and I decided it was time to hit the road.  We drove 2 hours to Dayton and spent the night there which helped make the drive home on Sunday a little shorter.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekend stuff

Meredith came down for one last visit to Virginia this weekend.  On Thursday we took Evelyn for a run and then met Nate for lunch at chick-fil-a.

On Saturday, Meredith and I woke up early to beat the heat and crowds and hiked to the top of McAfee Knob.  There were only three other people at the top when we got there so we were able to get some nice pictures.




For Father's Day we all went out for brunch.  Evelyn is old enough now to color which is really nice because it kept her occupied while we waited for our food.

Happy Father's Day - Evelyn made this cute magnetic photo collage at daycare. 

Monday, June 15, 2015


Sunday afternoon we got to go to a Salem Red Sox game.

It was Carilion Day at the Ballpark so I was able to get free tickets from work and we each also got a hot dog, chips, cookie and drink for free.  Not a bad deal.  

It was very hot but Evelyn did pretty good.  She was happy to stay in her seat for a while but quickly needed more room to move around.

Nate tried teaching Evelyn some baseball basics to hold her attention.  The game was actually delayed after the 4th inning due to rain and lightening and we decided not to wait it out.  We had had fun and Evelyn was getting antsy so it seemed like the perfect reason to head home.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


A sampling of Evelyn's art work from daycare.  The theme this week was under the sea.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday fun

We did a lot of fun things today.  I ran in the morning and Nate biked after lunch.  Evelyn and I took a short walk before nap time.

After nap time (and all three of us took a nap today), we got an oil change and car wash for the mazda.  Then we drove to Roanoke to check out the new Peter Pan themed playground.

After playing we walked downtown for pizza at Benny Macaroni's.

It's a hole in the wall, pizza by slice place that definitely did not have highchairs but Evelyn happily devoured pizza in her stroller.

Friday, June 5, 2015

16 months

Evelyn turned 16 months on Wednesday and today was her last day in the baby room at daycare. Monday she moves up a new room and new teachers.

Not a lot has changed from 15 months.  Evelyn sleeps well at night and sometimes naps okay during the afternoon.  She likes the foods she likes but last week we had surprising success with beans and rice.  In addition to momma and dadda, Evelyn can say kitty, cheese, and shoes.  She also has a hand full of signs she uses on a regular basis.

I wanted to make a little thank you for Evelyn's baby room teachers because they have taken care of her since she was 6 weeks old so I found this cute (and not too expensive) idea on pinterest.  I already had the stamp, so the project came together pretty quick.

Finally, we have some new baby animals on the farm.  Four little kittens!  Nate and I aren't sure what to do about them because the humane shelters won't take feral cats.  We could catch them, get them fixed, and then release them, but it's not our farm.  If our landlords don't care that they have a bunch of wild cats running around, why should we?  Oh well, they are pretty cute.

Monday, June 1, 2015

In the paper

Evelyn and I made it in the Sunday paper.  I had found our picture online, but didn't realize we were in the actual paper until a patient brought me a copy this afternoon.  It made my day.