Saturday, January 14, 2017


Evelyn started her pre-ballet lessons today.  She was very excited.

Evelyn and Bella are in dance together.  Bella has done dance before, but both girls seemed to have lots of fun and listened well to their teacher.  Watching 2 and 3 year olds learn ballet is serious cuteness overload.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cold again

Today our it's too cold to go outside (even though we did venture out to story time) activity was dying pasta.  We put a few handfuls of pasta in a ziplock bag and then added several drops of food coloring plus a tablespoon of vinegar.  Mixed up the pasta and food coloring and voila - multicolored pasta!

We dyed the pasta in the morning and I really wanted it dry for use later in the day, so I put the cookie sheet in the oven at 170 degrees until the colors had set.  Evelyn had fun making necklaces with yarn and pipe cleaners.  Jameson really wanted to eat the pasta and was disappointed when I wouldn't let him.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

We celebrated New Years in Michigan and it was a nearly perfect weekend.  The only thing that could have gone better was Jameson's sleeping (by which I mean it would have been nice if he had slept). On Friday Pat, Jameson, and I did some shopping at the mall while Nate, Evelyn, and Paul went ice skating.

On Saturday we went to a Countdown to Noon party along with Amanda, Isaac, and Joshua.  Jameson didn't seem real impressed; maybe because he didn't sleep?

Evelyn and Isaac patiently waiting for the countdown and the balloon drop.

Happy Noon Year!

The balloons continued to be a lot of fun once we got home.

After naptime, we opened presents, had dinner, and did an early countdown to midnight for the kids.

Nate and I both thought the cousins played very well together this weekend.  There really weren't any arguments about toys; they took turns and shared so nicely with their new presents.  I'm excited for when Jameson is big enough to play with the big kids.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas

Christmas morning we opened stockings before loading up the car to drive to Decatur.

The drive went very well but Jameson was done with the car and ready for some snuggles.

After dinner we opened presents.  Evelyn did a good job helping everyone. 

Monday morning we visited my Aunt Martha and saw the twins.

Evelyn and Jameson with Katherine before she had to drive home.

Jameson coloring with Mimi.

This is me pretending to be happy after Jameson woke up several times Monday night. Really I'm saying more coffee, lots more coffee.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve!  We were supposed to have dinner with some friends, but plans changed and we instead had a nice evening at home.

Evelyn helped me make snowmen sugar cookies for Santa this morning.

And after dinner we opened presents.

Not too long ago Evelyn broke a mug of mine, so for Christmas (with Nate's help) she gave me a new one.  It's hard to tell but the mug has two owls - a big one and little one : )  Nate said she picked out the mug all on her own.

Evelyn got a Nemo ornament and a light up Elsa doll from Jameson.  Unfortunately Elsa did not light up or sing, despite multiple battery changes.  Evelyn understood that the doll was broken and did not get upset, but I still ran to Target with her in the hopes we could exchange it for a new Elsa.  The trip was a success and Evelyn was very excited for a working doll.

Evelyn gave Jameson a build-a-bear monkey that she built herself.

Friday, December 23, 2016


Today was a day of firsts.  Nate took Evelyn to see her first movie, Moana.  Nate said the movie is very good and that Evelyn loved the whole experience.  When they got home, Evelyn told me she wanted to go see Moana again tomorrow with me : )

Then tonight Katherine took my dad to his first Blackhawks game!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

11 months

Jameson is 11 months old!  And he is a pretty active little boy, so it was tricky taking pictures this morning.

No new teeth for Jameson, but we've been trying more finger foods to encourage self feeding.  No signs of standing on his own or walking yet but he still loves the walker.  Just in the last few days, Jameson has picked up a few signs.  He can sign more, all done, and no.  In addition to mama and dada, he sometimes will repeat night night at bedtime.

Sleep has been the worst.  Jameson falls asleep no problem, but consistently wakes up around midnight and then again around 5-5:30.  It doesn't sound so bad, but it is exhausting.  We've tried a few different things and nothing seems to make a difference.  Maybe once the holidays and travel are over, we will attempt again.  Thankfully he and Evelyn still nap at the same time for about 2 hours.

Today's it is too cold to go outside craft was mittens!

And then we displayed them on the door.