Thursday, February 27, 2014


Evelyn and I did pretty much nothing yesterday.  Which I read is exactly what you are supposed to do with a newborn - nothing but feeding and snuggling (and changing diapers and outfits that have been spit-up on).  Which is fine except there's nothing to watch on TV but Will and Grace reruns and then nothing gets done around the house.

This is what I told Nate yesterday when he got home.  He assured me that nothing is supposed to get done, but when I was finished with my shower, I find him holding Evelyn with one arm and swiffering with the other.  He also had folded the laundry and washed the dishes.  Wow - I must take really long showers.  But really, it meant a lot that he would do all that housework after his busy day at work.

Wide awake

Sound asleep

Nate would be sad if I didn't post this picture.  Penny tolerates Evelyn very well.


Anonymous said...

Evelyn is adorable! However, that is not the expression of a happy cat; Penny's eyes, ears, and whiskers say it all. : / Hang in there, Penny. Soon Evelyn will be your best friend and cuddle buddy.

: )

Katherine Brichacek said...

she's mastered the turtle face pretty well <3